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7 Easy Tips To Make Your Business More Eco Friendly

ITM Digital’s Top 7 Tips For Going Green At Your Workplace

In light of the recent COP26, the Irish government has announced specific actions that they will be undertaking to fight climate change and reduce our emissions. At ITM Digital the future of this planet has always been very important to us. That’s why, in recent years, we have taken more measures to be as eco-friendly as we can, from going virtually paperless to swapping company vehicles to electric and hybrid. Nobody is perfect though and we know there’s so much more we can do to help the environment!

What steps are you taking towards helping the environment and ‘future-proofing’ your business? We’ve put together seven tips that will help you to make your business more environmentally friendly. 

1.Go Paperless 

Did you know that paper and other paper products go towards the production of greenhouse gases, causing deforestation and global warming? While recycling can soften some of the environmental impact, this is not enough as most paper will ultimately end up in landfills. Along with this, the inks, toners and other compounds can also be dangerous for the environment. It’s far more eco-friendly and sustainable to reduce paper usage as much as possible, if not entirely, by switching to a paperless office. It’s time to go digital!

2. Get rid of single-use plastics

Many offices use plastic cups, along with other canteen utensils, which often don’t end up in recycling containers. As we just mentioned, even if some of these materials go into recycling, there is always going to be a large presence of waste. The first step is to start recycling. Major restaurant chains such as Burger King, for example, are now providing paper straws. This is a great idea as plastic straws are often not accepted for recycling. Lead by example and try alternatively using more compostable products, which should not leave the same lasting mark on the environment. We recommend that you supply your team with reusable flasks. Why not get your own branded set?

3. Recycle Your Tech

Especially for those in the IT sector, a great way to help the environment is to give unused or older equipment to recycling organisations, instead of just throwing it out. There’s a growing industry of IT professionals who restore and resell older laptops, tablets and PCs to be reused, or for extracting other parts. This is a great way of being environmentally conscious, as otherwise there are a variety of valuable and rare components, including various types of metals, going to waste.

4. Conserve Energy By Unplugging Electronics

Turn off electrical equipment and switch off unnecessary lights when leaving your office in the evening. If it’s possible, try placing employee desks nearer to the windows so they can make use of natural lighting. Not only will it reduce energy usage, you will also save money. Studies have also shown that this can even improve employee morale, which will in turn increase company productivity.

See if you can ensure that PCs and even canteen appliances are turned off when not in use. This is because when connected active plugs, electrical items are still using a certain level of power. If you want to save money, reduce energy, and ultimately help the environment; take that plug out or switch active plugs off. 

5. Indoor Plants

You should consider including a potted plant at your desk and throughout the workplace. Why? Well not only do plants look pleasant and welcoming, plants can actually increase happiness and productivity. As if this weren’t enough reason to get an office plant, shrubbery can also act as an air purifier. This is, of course, good for the environment. So get gardening!

6. Switch To Environmentally Friendly Suppliers

Are your business’ suppliers and vendors environmentally friendly? It’s time to do some homework and try to partner up with environmentally conscious suppliers in your local area. From sustainable cleaning material suppliers to eco-friendly delivery companies, there are plenty of green partners out there and the list is always growing.

7. Lead By Example

A great way to make your office more environmentally friendly, is to encourage an atmosphere of awareness. For instance, simply adding recycling bins in different areas of the office could prove to make a world of difference. Labeling rubbish bins and recycling bins separately reminds people and yourself to be environmentally conscious. Perhaps staff could partake in an office competition which would get more people involved. Ultimately, the more colleagues who know about the issues, the more your office will organically move toward eco-friendly solutions.

Don’t forget the marketing benefits of your brand either. Eco-office gals say “when you go green, you will come across as a company that cares, and this can help to attract customers who share your values”. If your team is taking some steps to be environmentally friendly, why not post about it on social media?

Have any ideas of your own? Join the cause and let us know what you think!

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