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Custom Website Development: Working From Scratch With The Best Tools

Sometimes, you need to take things to the next digital level

At ITM Digital we are specialise in creating websites, tailored to our customer’s individual needs. We work in the development of projects of all sizes, without limits in functionality or design. Unlike some other digital agencies, we’re experts in custom web development and design. For us, a great website is like a great suit. It needs to be made to measure and allow all of its individual qualities to shine.

Content management systems with templates, such as WordPress or Wix, can pose limitations in terms of functionality and design. Don’t get us wrong, you can have an attractive and functioning website with a CMS, however if you need something custom, complex or completely original in design, custom development is the solution.

To overcome the limitations of standard CMSs, ITM Digital uses its own system for the development of customised websites, which allows for implementation of complex databases, content management and heightened security, while also being fully optimised for search engines. We live in a time of competition, when thousands of websites share the same CMS, similar design structure, and contain thousands of lines of unnecessary code. Having a unique, lightweight and optimised website is invaluable to Google.

Instead of treating all projects the same, like some kind of digital factory line, we understand the web as a living element, which can evolve as the market and technology need it to. That’s why ITM Digital are excellent in the incorporation of dynamic elements such new languages, dynamic content and other specialist functionalities. 

What do we mean when we say custom development?

  1. Server technology: We develop dynamic programming with PHP language and MySQL databases, since they are one of the most used web technologies worldwide. This approach offers great advantages over other platforms. These universal languages are supported on all versions of servers, operating systems, platforms and open source software. They also allow us total flexibility when migrating between servers and don’t involve any cost in licenses.
  2. Interface: We do static programming using (x) HTML, CSS stylesheets and JavaScript / AJAX to create advanced user interfaces.
  3. External services: We also work with the APIs / technologies of different services and social networks: Javascript API of Google Maps, OAuth of Facebook, etc.
  4. Integrations: We have a team capable of developing integrations with management platforms (ERPs), CRM, etc.

PHP and Laravel

At ITM Digital we love working with Laravel, one of the best PHP frameworks that currently exists. This allows us to create fully customised projects, maintaining the security and scalability of the project. If we want to add any functionality to one of our sites, this can be carried out in an effectively, because our custom developed websites are designed to expand and scale without any problem.

MYSQL: Secure and modern databases

MySQL is a database management system with more than six million installations in the world, and therefore it is the most widely used among related applications. This software is extremely fast to read, which makes MySQL ideal for this type of application.

There are no limits

As experts in custom development, there’s no project too big for us and we always adapt 100% to our client’s needs. At ITM Digital, we help people sort out these kinds of issues on a daily basis. So if you want to move forward with your website but are unsure of what are the next steps to take, then please get in touch with us today.

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