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How Digital Marketing Helps Irish Businesses

Do you want the world to know what you’re about?

In 2020, the volume of new Irish websites increased immensely, to accommodate vast numbers of consumers who were moving their transactions online due to Covid-19 restrictions. Now in 2021, online trading for SMEs has become the new norm. This is creating a new growth of competition in many Irish sectors for brand awareness. So, there’s never been a better time like the present to start considering digital marketing for your business.

Why should I use digital marketing?

There are several reasons for your business to use digital marketing, including;

  • You learn more about your audience and how to reach them
  • You always control the budget
  • You get results faster
  • More than likely, all your competitors are doing digital marketing!

How does digital marketing work?

It’s vital you understand that in 2021 the digital world is interconnected and the vast majority of people spend a great deal of their time online. This means that they probably are on social media and Google-owned platforms every single day. In the digital buyer’s journey, a customer must first become aware of your brand, then consider their options and finally decide to take action. Therefore, being a successful business in 2021 will more than likely requires you to engage with digital media so you can reach the right customers and beat your competition. One of the first steps towards doing this properly is creating an integrated digital strategy.

For your marketing to truly give you a return on investment ( ROI), t’s imperative that your digital strategy includes a comprehensive and integrated approach. This will mean leveraging multiple digital marketing services and internet marketing solutions while remaining flexible to an ever-evolving digital landscape. So you will effectively need to carry out market research, create a plan of action, decide what tools and platforms to use that suit your needs, and successfully measure the progress of your campaigns. You will need to ask yourself and your colleagues a lot of questions and make absolutely sure that someone will be accountable for the implementation and measurement of the strategy on a regular basis.

Without Google Analytics for example, your digital marketing efforts have no clear measure of success or ROI. Without a clean, fast, mobile-friendly website, visitors won’t engage and convert to maximum potential. Without constant campaign adjustments and testing, you’ll waste your budget while sacrificing opportunities for conversions and revenue. Without a staff who are dedicated to your marketing strategy, you aren’t likely to see the results you want.

This sounds like a lot, I don’t have the knowledge, time or energy!

Don’t worry. If you need help with creating a digital strategy, setting up ads campaigns, preparing social media posts, writing content, branding, organic SEO or mentoring, ITM Digital covers all of this! If you, or someone you know, needs assistance in these areas, then contact us today!

That’s all for today but why not learn more about how marketing and branding can do wonders for your business?

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