ITM Digital welcomes a new member to the team

itmdigital_victor1 Introducing Victor Diaz!

This month, ITM Digital has taken on new staff member, Victor Diaz. Victor’s extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of graphic design, web design, coding, platform integration and app development will be a fantastic asset to the company.

The addition of Victor to the ITM Digital team means that we can now do even more for our clients than ever before! The company can confidently take on bigger and more challenging projects, offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers without limits.

Today, ITM Digital sat down with Victor for a chat. We thought we could all do with getting to know the genius that is Mr Victor Diaz.

Tell us about your skills? What got you interested in design in the first place?


I really like the management of design and development projects. That’s why I set up a web design company in Madrid. I have focused my professional career on projects related to online software but always keeping in mind the design. For years I realized the importance of design and creativity in software development. Not only for UI issues. Also for marketing issues.

If you want a product to sell well, it must be intuitive and functional. Yes! But it must also be attractive to the customer. It must be novel and “appetizing.” That’s why I think my skills play several roles: project management, sales, development and design.


What is your educational background?


Although I have a creative profile, I really studied IT engineering and a year before finishing I switched to Software Engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. After this, I spent several years working with publishing houses and at that time I learned a lot about graphic design and marketing. As far as I can tell I am an engineer who loves design. I know it may sound weird but it’s that’s the way it is.


What kind of work have you done in the past and what experience has it given you?


Since I set up my first company at the age of 21, I have sought to provide a different service than other companies in the sector. I have always wanted to offer a global product/service: Functional software and professional design. I never wanted to focus only on software or only on design. That is why I have always offered these two types of work together.

I’ve had the opportunity to work for medium and large clients such as World Meeting of Families 2018, University of Navarra, Scepter Publishers, Dyson, and Accenture. I am lucky to have worked with clients from 11 different countries. My English is going to improve little by little since when I arrived in Ireland 6 years ago I didn’t know how to speak any English. But in these years I have learned enough to work with several companies in other countries.


Why did you come to Ireland with your business?


There are many reasons. In Spain, I had 2 companies and for various circumstances, I could not develop the business in the direction that I would have liked. I came to Ireland for a couple of months to work as a teacher in a school with Spanish students and I liked the country, its people, the language and the culture. Even the weather… I saw that it was an ideal place to develop a business. So I moved to live in Ireland and today I think it has been a great decision for my work and for my family. I miss Spain. I love my country but at the same time I feel a “little Irish” and I am very proud to live here permanently.


What is it that you are most passionate about in website design and what do you feel you will bring to ITM Digital?


Above all, I bring my desire to work on many large projects. It is a pride for me that my little Eblana Solutions is now part of ITM Digital. ITM Digital gives me a great work environment. It’s great to be able to work with the team of people who make up the company. I want to bring to this team my knowledge of software development for web and apps, and my experience with graphic design. For example, I think it is very important to offer customers a fully connected system, so I want to focus my work on platform integration, app development and APIs.

Another aspect that I have had present in my work has been indexing in search engines such as Google (SEO) and internet advertising (Googles ads and other SEM platforms). That is why I want to reflect all that in the work I am going to do in ITM Digital. I like projects that are “scary.” Those projects that seem very difficult and are not typical projects. Modularized, scalable projects, with the latest technology and with a professional “look”.

In addition to bringing my 12 years of experience in the sector, I bring my entire company. Eblana Solutions is officially part of ITM Digital. This includes my clients, my business relationships, my contacts and my work over the years. I’m sure it’s great for everyone: for me, for Eblana Solutions, for ITM Digital and for our clients.

Thanks Victor, we all look forward to working with you.

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