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As a group of Financial Advisors and Brokers, MOJO Finance is specialise in investments, pensions, retirement planning, income protection & life insurance. We work closely with busy Professionals, Families, Business Owners, Retirees & Corporates.

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They had an old website that needed tweaking.

Some interesting numbers about this project that were taken into account when designing the plan.


Medical drugs, perfumes, makeup, skincare products and more.

monthly sells

Constant monthly sales, with a high rate of return.

monthly services

Pharmaceutical services such as injections, Urinalysis, Diabetes Screen, Throat exam and more.

products categories

Diversas cat

Project scope

Marron’s Pharmacy was established on Clane’s Main Street in 1957. It was not the first pharmacy in Clane. A pharmacy was located on the opposite side of the street approximately where Bracken’s solicitors is located today. Next to the pharmacy was Marron’s Grocery Shop (the family’s business). In the early 1950’s, that pharmacy burned down and it took Marron’s grocery shop with it.

We were approached by Marron’s Pharmacy to redevelop their website with a primary focus to deliver a rich, pleasant and interactive online experience for their visitors, whilst providing easy access to their information and support services.

01 Concept

Clean website, easy to use by older people and allowing the pharmacy to work more with advertising, with areas for disclosing offers, promotions, etc.

02     E-commerce Function

The e-commerce function must be robust, configured to handle many products and their variations. It should also be configured with specific rules that drug stores must follow.

05    Designing

The site needs to look clean, clear and easy to use, after all, part of Marron’s Pharmacy’s customers are elderly people.

04       Security

As it works with transactions, the site must pay even more attention to security, always protecting user data.

03     Appointment Function

The pharmacy provides vaccination services, blood pressure measurement and diabetes, among others. So we needed to create a scheduling system.

06 Speed

Speed and agility were one of the premises of the website. The goal was to develop a website with at least a score of 80 on Google Page Speed.

07 Project Delivery

The project was delivered after importing all the products from the previous site, with the users and all the sales and scheduling data that they had previously. The website is hosted on a high-capacity dedicated server.

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Jordan Marron’s

CEO Marron’s Pharmacy

giving life to the project

Hover over the image to see the difference between the old and new website.

Mobile Design

Desktop Design

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