Vera McEvoy

“I was very anxious about getting a new website and was not looking forward to the process. I was amazed at how quickly and smoothly the transition, to newly launched completed website, took place. 

The team at ITM Digital was a pleasure to work with, great attention to detail and to my requests, no matter how small. I was trilled with the speed and efficiency of the work and am overjoyed with the atmosphere portrayed and the appearance of my website. Have a look and judge for yourself”

Vera McEvoy is a visual artist and facilitator who aspires to empower adults and children by bringing more creativity and community into their lives. Through acceptance, encouragement and celebration of everyone’s creativity, Vera promotes confidence and well-being in all areas of life. In her work and workshops she creates a space that allows collaborators and participators to express their deepest selves.

ITM have created a modern, responsive website that brings her talent and art to a whole new audience. The platform functions both as a brochure of her work, as well as a space for customers to purchase her art.

vera-Portfolio_ Vera McEvoy