Machinery Sourcing Solutions

Machinery Sourcing Solutions is a Kildare based business, started by John Madden. John uses his qualifications, expertise and manufacturing contacts to source the best high quality machinery for clients throughout Ireland. Machinery Sourcing Solutions is also a supplier for the well-known brand, Pro-Dig.

ITM Digital sat down with John and together we decided on a website design that would enable users to quickly learn about the services, as well as make online orders and deposits for tractors and telehandlers. We created a user-friendly website, making it easy for people to become informed about the brand and find the right products. The homepage features a video that plays seamlessly in the header of the page, to visually demonstrate the quality of the products.


ITM Digital wanted to make sure that Machinery Sourcing Solutions would appear on the first page in search engine results when people were looking for his services. We applied the latest techniques in search engine optimisation and after one week, the website is now appearing among the top ranking websites on the first page for his related keywords.

ITM Digital were delighted to work on this project! Why not check it out for yourself?

ITM-Portfolio_babogue Machinery Sourcing Solutions