Nick from Custom Carpets approached ITM Digital to develop a new e-commerce website to replace their old landing page. ITM also took on the development of their logo and brand guidelines.

The new brand identity that ITM Digital developed for Custom Carpets is fresh and modern, and it also relates to the carpet industry they are in. The brand colour green has been used throughout the website gives the website vibrant and clean look. We also set up e-commerce functionality on the website so that they can sell their products online.

One of the main areas on the website that they wanted to highlight was their service for selling custom carpets and different bespoke options available to their customers. This section is therefore visually highlighted in a way that is easy to understand, and makes getting a quote very easy.

Timber Croc are an Irish-owned company, who are famous for the Timber Croc heavy duty log holder. Timber Croc both sell and manufacture their products.

ITM Digital has designed a new and responsive website for Timber Croc, to showcase their fantastic products and make it easy for people to buy online. The website is structured to be a user-friendly experience for visitors, with a focus on the customer’s journey.

At the top of the Timber Croc home page, a new user becomes immediately aware of what kind of products are for sale, how much they cost and how to add them directly to their basket. ITM Digital used a style and colour-scheme to reflect Timber Croc’s branding, along with eye-catching imagery to draw users in.

Timbercraft has been supplying Custom Built German designed kitchens to Ireland for over forty years. Their showrooms are located in Deansgrange, Co. Dublin and Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

ITM Digital designed a new website that would accurately represent their brand and showcase the many styles Timbercraft have on offer.

Well Red is a Naas based company in Co Kildare, who specialise in school and creche equipment, including arts and crafts, jigsaws and other great products supplies.

At ITM Digital, we designed a modern and effective website that would make the user experience of customers as easy as possible. As soon as users land on the homepage, they are able to view the Well Red products for sale, without having to click through to the shop page.

We applied the latest in SEO techniques on the website to make sure customers will find the Well Red website. In fact, since day one, the website has been making sales. If you’re interested in having a high-ranking e-commerce website developed for your business, then please get in touch with ITM Digital today.

Southern Machinery Ltd is a highly respected supplier of lawnmowers in Kildare, providing equipment for gardeners, councils, local authorities, contractors and golf courses.

For the Southern Machinery website, ITM Digital took into account that there were many products which needed to be showcased in the most simple way possible. For this reason, we implemented an image and text drop-down menu system allowing users to clearly idenitify their desired product to click on, without having to first leave the home page. We had a great time woking with this client and designing their digital brochure website.

Sterval provides high-end decontamination solutions for the medical and industrial sectors in Ireland. Their services include disinfection, detergents and heat sealers.

The Family Silver is a highly respected jewellery brand, creating and selling a huge variety of quality necklaces, rings, bracelets and so much more.

ITM Digital designed a new website which enables customers to easily navigate through various categories of jewellery. The website also features modern customisable finishes.

Visitors are able to use this user-friendly customisation system and then buy their personal choice of jewellery directly from the website. See for yourself!

Snugglebugs is a company offering a wide selection of baby slings. Additionally, baby sling lessons and courses are available.

ITM delivered this e-commerce site, showcasing their services and facilitating the means in which to book courses and buy products.

Justin’s Woodcraft produces ethically sourced handmade Irish wood products. Justin is based in Colbinstown, Co.Kildare.

ITM Digital created an eCommerce website for Justin that showcases his beautiful variety of ornamental and functional handmade products.

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