Google Ads

Google Ads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the most effective tool in the overall scheme of your digital marketing plan. If you're spending money on online advertising, then you to make sure it’s worth your time, money, and effort.

Google Ads

Goal Orientated Google Ads Campaigns

Investing your money in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising not only increases your awareness and brand reputation, but it can help to drive more qualified leads. However, you need to know what you’re doing when creating an ad campaign. It’s easy to throw money at PPC advertising, but it takes a tried and tested foolproof strategy to do it right and lead to a return on investment.

Google Ads can be extremely beneficial to small and medium sized Irish businesses as it gives them a direct route to their customers. With Google Ads, you can narrow your search, by deciding upon variables such as the gender, location, and behaviour of your audiences. Google prides itself on being able to show the relevant content to the right people, and you will be able to trigger your ads based on the search terms you want people to find you with.

Over time, this process will start to produce better and better results as you will be given the opportunity to fine-tune your ads and demographic targeting with more data. This way, you both learn how people are finding your website and what you can do to increase your visibility to the right audience.

Google Ads Account Management

At ITM Digital, we have a strong understanding of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and the successful trends in modern advertising. We always know how to adapt with these changes and create ads to function at high capacity, because we are observing the data every day. ITM Digital offers the service of managing your Google Ads account.

This can either involve taking on the management of your current Adwords account, or setting up a new account with comprehensive campaigns from scratch. We monitor and regularly fine-tune keywords, ad groups, headlines and many more details to ensure our customer’s Google Adwords campaigns are delivering the best results possible.

  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Campaign Setup
  • Ad Creation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Management & Monitoring

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