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The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of eCommerce Websites

The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of eCommerce Websites


At ITM Digital we understand the importance of becoming more eco-friendly. In light of the recent COP26 in Glasgow, we gave you 7 tips in our previous blog post on how to make your business more eco friendly. As a digital agency we also know that another great way to be more eco-friendly with your business, is to move your store online. 

It’s no doubt that online shopping is becoming ever more popular in this digital age, especially following the Covid-19 restrictions and a growing culture of digital awareness. However, the growth in popularity of shopping online is not entirely due to consumer circumstances or comfort. According to reports, consumers are changing rapidly as they are searching for more than just value in their products and services. 45% of consumers find sustainable and environmentally responsible products to be a ‘macro need’.

Not only do you help the environment, when you listen to the needs of online customers, you also bolster your company’s public image and attract new customers. Forbes have said that a “sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into its business operations”. As an environmentally aware company, we at ITM Digital believe it’s valuable to share the lasting sustainable benefits that an e-commerce website can have on your business, as well as the ways that your public persona can ‘get with the times’.

Smaller carbon footprint

Customers using an e-commerce website are twice as likely to have a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional customers. This is as a result of there being little or no emissions produced from customers who aren’t driving to and from the store. Additionally, there is zero energy being used to power a physical store’s heating, electricity and operations equipment.

Many people don’t know that the costs of transport and the rise in emissions as a result, is increasingly higher than the benefits of recyclable packaging with cardboard or plastic for example. Therefore, improving the overall impact on the sustainability of shopping is a great way to cut into these emissions. As an eCommerce business continues to grow, the economic and environmental benefits are sure to follow. 

responsible business with happy customers

Using sustainable resources wherever possible means that you will run an ethically responsible business with happy customers.

When you run an online store, it means you have more control over the packaging and delivery of your products. Sustainable packaging, including cardboard, will reduce plastic packaging waste that most in-person retailers or service providers use. When a customer places an order, opting for ‘plastic-free’ packaging information will be beneficial as it will mean less waste to the planet and reusable for customers.

Therefore, customers are informed and aware that your business is supporting the environment. This will not only aid your public image, it will also help to consolidate the idea to a wide audience that sustainability is important for the environment.

Eco-friendly job creation

Having an online presence requires multiple roles; including marketing, web development, operations and sales roles. This enhances the opportunity to expand your team and skill sets, for tasks that can be done without a physical office. If employees don’t need cars to get to the workplace, and the workplace itself is digital, you will be helping with eco-friendly job creation. 

Go digital!

Expanding a startup or even an established business can be overwhelming, especially within the new digital era. Our team of experts at ITM Digital can provide you with a custom-built eCommerce website which is optimised for search engines and we also offer accompanying digital marketing solutions, tailored to fit your business requirements. We are passionate about working with local eco-conscious companies and our digital expertise will help you get your business on track.

So, if you need a new eCommerce website, help with an existing eCommerce website, creating a digital strategy, setting up an ads campaign, preparing social media posts, writing content, branding, organic SEO or mentoring; ITM Digital covers it all!

Get in touch with us on our website here, or through our live chat. Alternatively, feel free to phone our digital team at 045409984


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