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Why Content is King – ITM Digital

Content Is Important

Online content creation has never before been so popular and useful. From marketing and advertising, to website infographics, there are several good reasons why you should consider investing time in good content. This is especially so if you are in a small to medium size business and are looking to strengthen your online presence.

Good Content Gives Good Recognition

In order to attract and then retain customers, you need to communicate a strong value proposition. Why should people choose your product or service? This is where well-crafted blog posts and website copy can really shine. If you demonstrate to your audience that you have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and years of experience, they will be far more likely to become a customer.

Instead of just being a faceless organisation that sells a product or service, producing well-researched information will represent your company as something trustworthy and genuine.

Google Will Reward You

Posting new Blog Posts is not just of benefit for your potential customers. Modern Google algorithms are structured to notice when you post new content to your website. Google score your website higher because the regularity of new content and you will be seen as more of an authority on the subject.

Not every real person who clicks into your Blog Post will read every word of your material, however, Google will take notice and over time this will help to increase your search engine optimisation.

It Can Increase Website Traffic

One of the best ways to bring people to your website is to link your new content across various social media platforms. When people click into your posted link, they will be redirected to your website where you originally posted new content.

Using a linked Blog Post or Article to bring a new customer to your website, will give them a great first impression that your company knows that specific industry. After reading your content and perhaps seeing other previous blog posts, you will have both generated new website traffic as well as illustrated your brand value to a possible customer.

In Short…

Having good content, that over time is updated and posted, will have a positive knock-on effect in three key ways:

  • It will establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry.
  • Your Search Engine Optimisation will increase.
  • You will receive more website traffic, from the right kinds of people.

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