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Why Meta Titles and Descriptions Matter for SEO

Sometimes referred to as Title Tags, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are a valued part of ‘on-page’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Not only do they directly affect how well your website ranks in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but they can also help you convert more visitors into paying customers. 

If you want your website to rank higher and reach the right people, you should make sure that your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are optimised across your website—or you may face being left behind in your industry.

1) What are meta titles and meta descriptions?

Meta Text, or Title Tags, is broken into Titles and Descriptions. It’s a website technique, used for both search engines and internet users, which can usually be seen as the blue text on search engine results pages. 

Using a limited number of characters, Meta Titles and Descriptions inform Google about who you and who your website will be relevant for. We’re not saying this tool will work alone and grant all of your SEO wishes. You will still need to take into account the other major factors, however, including Meta Titles and Descriptions on your website is a must in 2022.

2) Meta text helps people find you on Google 

When people search for a service or product online using a keyword, they will be faced with a choice; which website link they are going to click on? We guarantee they aren’t going to spend too long making their decision. Keep in mind also, that it’s less likely your website is going to be included on their list of choices if you aren’t ranking on the first page. 75% of users will never scroll any further than page one.

So, let’s say you’ve made it to the first page; you still need to entice users with relevant content. If you have well written and informative Meta Text, this will help a user find you and to quickly learn about your business before they click through to your website. Your Meta Tags will need to stand out, but also be descriptive and helpful.

3) Why Google rewards you for using them

Google rewards the use of well crafted Meta Titles and Descriptions as part of its Search Engine Optimisation algorithm, to help rank websites appropriately in SERP results. When you include a Meta Title and Meta Description on your webpage, you’re indirectly sending a message to Google bots, telling them what your business is about.

This is hugely important for SEO because it helps Google understand your website and this will make it easier to determine where to rank you in SERPs. Google is always concerned with delivering the most relevant and high quality results for users. If you’re actively telling Google’s algorithm bots that you’re ‘playing the game’, this will help put you in the SEO driver’s seat. Ensure the descriptions and titles are well written, informative and helpful. Remember, Google will know if you’re trying to cheat!

4) why it’s easier to rank for your keywords

When managed properly, you can use meta-text to target keywords in searches. Keywords and phrases can be strategically placed within this content for ranking optimisation. Having a good writer with SEO knowledge is important for this, however, because you need to find a happy medium between inserting keywords into snappy, well-written text and simultaneously not overdoing it and risking ‘keyword cannibalisation‘. Nobody wants that!

5) how do I implement this to my own website?

If you’re not a web developer, we strongly recommend that you contact a digital agency if you want to start upgrading or implementing Meta Titles or Descriptions for SEO. You’ll need to talk to someone who knows about the different facets of modern SEO in 2022 and what will work best for not only your website, but for your industry and location.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a broad set of techniques that are designed to enhance the quality of websites and improve their ranking in organic search results.

There are many coexisting elements that fall under ‘SEO’ and as search engine algorithms go through changes, so do these elements. What worked five years ago may not work today.

What we do

Tasked with taking small and medium sized Irish businesses to the next level; ITM Digital tweaks, optimises and refines search engine rankings, delivering results-driven solutions every day.

ITM Digital utilise all of the latest industry techniques, including:

  • Meta-titles & Descriptions
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Keyword Research and Generation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • URL Optimisation
  • Measurement and Analytics

You can also learn more about the wide range of SEO services we offer by clicking here. If you want to move forward with your website but are unsure of the next step to take; don’t worry. Get in touch with ITM Digital today.

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