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MedWise is an independent specialist in Occupational Health Services. Based in Naas, Swords, and Limerick, MedWise provides medical assessments and consultation to employers for medical issues in the workplace. For this project, ITM Digital needed to reflect the wide range of services and expertise that MedWise has to offer. We created an intuitive and user-friendly website that clearly presents the key elements that Medwise needed their website to highlight.

It was also vital that users would be able to fill out application forms with various combinations of information, depending on their requirements. ITM Digital created a list of interactive online forms that users can now easily fill out, without ever having to download physical copies of the forms. Another significant element of the website was to create a section where users could donate to MedWise’s amazing charity, the Calcutta Project. ITM Digital listened closely to what our client needed and we stayed in regular contact with their amazing team throughout the design process.

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