Marc Weissbluth.

Marc Weissbluth is a leading American pediatrician and author, who has published multiple books on how to help children sleep better, and his book ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child’ has sold over 1 million copies around the world.

Project scope.

Marc Weissbluth is a leading pediatrician and has studied children’s sleep extensively during his academic career. Based on his research and findings, he has published multiple books on the topic which have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Marc approached ITM Digital to design a new blog and website which he could use as a platform to easily share his learnings with his audience. As the blog content can be quite wordy and stale, it was a priority for Marc for the website to present these in a user-friendly format to make them easier to access and understand.

One of the main goals was also to present Marc’s life’s work in the best possible light, providing evidence-based advice on the subject of how parents can achieve healthy sleep for their children and how to correct sleep problems.

Desktop design.

Final design of the full homepage for desktops.

WHAT WE achieved.

The following goals were achieved during the website development project.


Encapsulated nearly 50 years of research, learnings and knowledge into an online presence.


Sleek and modern design that speaks to Marc’s target audience.


Complex and dynamic filtering system for blogs to ensure ease of access.


Simple to navigate all areas of Marc’s new website.


Digital marketing and AdWords management to enhance their reach and return on investment.

website transformation

Hover over the image to see the difference between the old and new website.

Mobile design.

This is how the website looks on mobile devices.

client feedback.

I want to congratulate all of you on creating my website. The look, feel, and functionality is excellent. I especially appreciate the home page design highlighting the four different age groups and integrating all the other elements into a user-friendly format. I know this website development was complicated because of several related but different features. In addition, I especially wish to commend and congratulate Laura, Barry, and others for their prompt responsiveness to me and their timely and successful completion of many diverse tasks. Thanks to all of you.
Marc Weissbluth
September 29, 2021

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