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Logo Development

Unlock your brand's identity.

A brand provides you with a name, a voice, and a unified goal. It’s important to understand who you are and your unique selling points.


brainstorming session.

Our design team will arrange a meeting with you to get a better understanding of the business, and expectations of the logo design process, and for you to get to know the team.


drafts and feedback.

We will present you with 3 different options for the logo to choose from. Once one option is selected, we will develop it further based on your feedback to achieve the final design.
At this stage, we offer up to 3 revisions after the initial draft is selected.

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Logo reveal.

We will give you the final version of the logo, with 5 mockups to show you how the logo will look on different applications and all the information needed for future use, such as colour codes, and fonts.
Brainstorm1Ativo 3

What we believe.


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Your design needs to be simple, flexible and easily recognisable. If a logo is too complex it will distract rather than engage.



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The main purpose of a logo is to identify. This is the most important thing to remember, more so than any other advice you may receive. What matters most is identification.


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You need to ensure that your logo can be used dynamically and suit all your requirements. A good logo needs to display properly at all variations and sizes.

step 1 - our creative process

Understanding the brand.

The initial design consultation provides us with a greater understanding of your business and target market, sets out the expectations within the logo design process and allows you to meet the team.

What does your company do?
Who are your competitors?
What is your <br>vision for the<br> future of the business?
What colours<br> can you relate<br> your brand to?
What logos <br>you find <br>interesting?
Which style would you choose?

Step 2 - Our Creative Process

Designing the logo.

Once we’ve gained a full insight of your brand identity, our creative team will get to work brainstorming ideas to translate your brand’s key elements into impactful graphics. We’ll then present you with three unique design alternatives, each carefully crafted to capture the essence of your brand. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to select one option to further develop and refine.


A logo should usually have a maximum of three colours. This is because the greater the number of tonalities, the more complex and forgettable it will be.



Creates urgency

and is energetic.



Linked to optimism,

versatility and fun.



A sign of harmony,

intelligence, success and confidence.



Indicates sincerity,

honesty and integrity.


Black or White
Authority, strength,

formality, and power.


When it comes to typography, the main focus should be on how to best display your message. The typography of the logo must be easy to understand on any available display.
Always focus on readability.

The font colour should be in sync with the logo

Proper spacing makes all the difference.


Sans serif fonts are younger and work for most industries. They're modern and work great on digital displays.


Serif fonts deliver a refined aesthetic to your logo and brand. Think of financial institutions and universities.

Step 3 - Our Creative Process


Once you’ve selected your preferred design, our team will get to work polishing it to perfection. As part of our standard package, we’ll facilitate up to three revisions, ensuring that the final product fully meets your expectations. To give you a better sense of how your logo will look in action, we’ll also provide you with sample logo mockups. These mockups will showcase your logo in a variety of situations, from computer screens to mobile phones to printed materials like business letterheads.

Step 4 - Our Creative Process

Logo Approval.

We will send you the final version of your logo for approval. Once approved, you will receive your logo in all industry-standard file formats, ensuring that you’ll have everything you need to start using the new logo across your branding materials.

Files in SVG format
Files in PNG format
Files in JPG Format
Files in AI Format
Files in PDF Format

Some recent examples of logos by our team:

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