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Mobile Optimisation Is Vital For Your Website: Here’s Why

What do we mean by ‘Mobile Friendly’ Websites?

Mobile responsiveness is the process of optimising your website to both display correctly and have high functionality on mobile devices. Having a website that’s optimised for mobile will ensure you are adhering to the latest trends in User Experience and Google’s SEO algorithms. Here are some reasons you should look into optimising your own website for mobile devices. 

1) Mobile searches are increasing 

People use their phones for everything. More people are now using their mobile devices to search online than traditional computers and laptops. This trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon either, so if you have a website with an old layout or design, it might be time for an update. We recommend you talk to someone who knows what they’re doing, to ensure these updates feature the necessary elements for industry-standard mobile optimisation.

2) Positive Mobile User Experiences Lead To Returning Visitors

First impressions count! If your users are having a good mobile experience on your website, they will be more likely to return again. In marketing, depending on your kind of business, it can take up to 6-8 ‘touchpoints’ (interactions) with your brand before a user converts to a customer. You should want to ensure that people are visiting your website more than once as this will dramatically increase their likelihood of converting. 

3) Google prefers mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-first indexing is a thing and ignoring mobile optimisation will get you noticed by Google for all the wrong reasons. If your on-page experience is confusing for your users, if your website moves at a snail’s pace, or if it isn’t designed to work on mobile screens responsively, your SERP ranking will be affected. If you want to rank high in Google searches, this is an SEO element you can’t afford to miss. 

4) More online sales and conversions come from mobile searches

Taking into account that progressively more users are finding websites through mobile searches and mobile e-commerce purchases are always increasing, it stands to reason that your online business will suffer if you aren’t addressing mobile optimisation.

A huge number of young users in particular spend much of their time on mobile-focused social media apps that feature mobile-centred online stores, such as Instagram. People have come to expect a fully functional mobile e-commerce store. By not ensuring that your e-commerce cart setup and contact submission forms are designed to suit mobile devices, you could be losing out on a lot of business. 


If your website isn’t mobile-friendly it will discourage potential customers from converting and Google will penalise your SEO rankings. In today’s market, it’s essential that your website is responsive and mobile-optimised in order to remain competitive in your industry.

If you think that you need a fresh new website to get your business booming online, contact ITM Digital today to set up a consultation. Our in-house creative design team has been building websites for companies and brands since 2013. You can also learn more about the wide range of SEO services, website maintenance and e-commerce services we offer by clicking here.

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