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Why Website Maintenance Is Essential For Your Success

Who takes care of your website?


So you’ve just designed a beautiful new website, complete eye-catching imagery, a trendy logo and quality user experience. The job is done now, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! Website maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your online presence functioning effectively. Your website is like a home. Just as your home requires upkeep to prevent wear and tear, your website requires ongoing care to avoid future problems. If your business relies on a website to generate sales or leads, you shouldn’t ignore the risks any longer.

There are four key areas of website maintenance:

  1. Security:
    Website security is a critical factor in maintaining your website, especially with tougher GDPR regulations in recent years. If your website collects leads, contact submissions, or accepts payments, it’s essential to keep it safe and secure for both you and your customers. Neglecting website security can even lead to your website being blacklisted by Google search engines. To learn more about how to keep your website secure, check out our blog on the “Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Website Secure.”


  2. Updates:
    Your website is likely running several plugins, themes, and other external software that all require attention. When developers release new versions of these plugins and themes, it’s crucial to ensure that they are updated on your website. Regularly checking your website’s vital signs and making necessary updates will help maintain its performance and functionality.


  3. Repairs:
    What if there’s a problem on your website, like a page that won’t load or an image that disappears? More often than not, website issues arise due to a prolonged lack of updates or attention to your website’s health. You need the expertise to competently resolve issues when they occur to ensure your website remains in optimal condition.


  4. Hosting:
    Your website’s hosting is directly linked to its speed and security, making it essential to choose a secure host. Hosts that don’t prioritise performance and security can make your website a difficult experience for new users and an attractive target for hackers. 

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